K-9 Synergy

Have you ever noticed your mood improve when you spend time with your dog?  Remember that peaceful feeling when all your troubles melt away as you snuggle into your dog’s soft fur and breathe in their calming and familiar doggie scent. This is because animals offer unconditional acceptance and become a calm and welcome comfort when you are feeling emotionally distressed.

Interacting with a dog has also been shown to decrease levels of cortisol (a stress-related hormone) which brings with it a range of other benefits such as:

  • Reduced depression and anxiety
  • More confidence, self-esteem and independence
  • Increased ability to feel empathy towards others
  • Better communication skills
  • Improved family and social relationships
  • Greater engagement in routine and structure

And your dog loves it too!  An astounding new study shows that the bond between human and dog is so close that hearts can actually beat in sync with each other.  A wonderful experiment by leading Sports Scientist, Dr Craig Duncan and Monash University PhD student Mia Cobb (Pedigree Hearts Aligned) shows that although dogs are biologically different to humans due having a more rapid heart rate, their heart rate will dip and elevate in unison with their owner when they spend time together.

Previous research by the American Heart Association reportedly revealed that pet owners may have stronger hearts than those who don’t have pets.  Research has also proven that being with your dog can lower your blood pressure, decrease your cholesterol and reduce your risk of heart disease.  Additionally, when you pat your dog or stare lovingly into it’s eyes, both of you will release a chemical called oxytocin into your bodies which is a key factor in relieving stress and anxiety.

These discoveries suggest that your dog has a fundamental role to play in lowering your stress levels. So what does this mean for you? Science tells us that if you want to de-stress, the best way to do it is with your dog… and that’s where we come in!

Activ8 Solutions have been supporting people to reduce stress and flourish in their life for over 10 years. However, we actually have two passions… helping people AND helping their dogs… so it was a natural progression for us to blend our counselling and coaching expertise with professional training in a wide range of canine modalities to develop a program that creates a holistic synergy between owner and dog… and so, K-9 Synergy was born!

The K-9 Synergy program is underpinned by contemporary canine science and provides a highly unique and innovative system to reduce feelings of stress and overwhelm whilst assisting your four-legged friend to improve their own wellbeing. This proven pathway to enhance the synergy between you and your dog will enable you both to gain a deeper sense of calm and connection, reduce stress and quite literally align your hearts with each other.

The K-9 Synergy program will provide you with a specifically tailored therapeutic program that inspires, educates and empowers you to resolve unwanted issues and live a more peaceful and happier life. Positive Psychology principles are also seamlessly woven into the therapeutic sessions to support you to develop robust coping strategies so you can build resilience and experience less distress from negative life events.

We are now accepting expressions of interest for our next K-9 Synergy intake and places are limited due to the bespoke nature of the program. If you believe that K-9 Synergy is the program you need to transform your sense of wellbeing and happiness, please complete the contact form, telling us why you would like to join our passionate group of trailblazers and change your life forever, today…

Activ8 Solutions have 2 passions: helping people AND helping their dogs!

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